McGrath Cheese Company Cow’s Cheese


We are proud to carry McGrath Cheese Company Cheese, made exclusively from our raw milk. Based in Hudson, New York. 


Cheese Descriptions

Bambino: Soft, pungent, washed rind. Age 4-8 weeks.

Cultured Cream: Characteristics of yogurt, sour cream, and Crème Fraîche. Age fresh.

Du Jour: Soft, smooth, mildly pungent, vegetable ash rind. Age 3-6 weeks. 

Fresco: Soft, spreadable, buttery cream cheese like flavor. Age fresh. 

Goliath: Farmhouse cheddar. Age 3-5 months.

Hootenanny:  Local IPA Beer brined washed, softness and smooth, melt in your mouth awesomeness. You’ll eat the whole thing! 

Rascal: Semi-firm, elastic, nutty, mild. Age 2-4 months. Mild cheddar/ Gouda

Victoria: Soft, smooth, mildly pungent and creamy Age 3-6 weeks.