Tea Time & Wildflower Honey Gift Set


Our tagalong tea tins and 8 oz. Muth Wildflower Honey is ideal for your favorite hostess, as a festive party favor, or tucked into a care package. 

Tagalong Tins

Tower of London Blend is reminiscent of Elizabethan preserves, flavorful and tempting.  Chinese black teas with pieces of dried stone fruit, then finish the blend with oil of bergamot and honey flavor. It has become one of Harney's most popular teas, especially with its brilliant amethyst-inspired tin. Tagalong tin of 5 tea sachets.

Yellow & Blue Herbal Blend combines chamomile, lavender and cornflowers in a tisane that is beautiful to look at, and delicious to drink. Tagalong tin of 3 tea sachets (caffeine free blend). 

Peach Ginger Black Tea is delicious and remarkable; a caffeinated flavored black with dried peaches and ginger. Tagalong tin of 5 tea sachets.